The Center for Strategic Communication’s research programs focus on the following five main areas. 

Strategic Communication Planning

The purpose of the Strategic Communication Planning research projects is to sketch out communication plans by translating companies’ strategic and policy plans into communicative actions, by examining external trends and organizational issues (i.e. audiences’ insights/perceptions, digital environment assessment, PEST analysis, SWOT analysis), by proposing creative and tactical solutions. 

Measurement Plans

The purpose of the Measurement Plans’ research projects is to develop set of balanced and integrated performance indicators to measure communication initiatives (i.e. events, media relations campaigns, social media communication projects). Research team helps companies to design frameworks for implementing feasible measurement plans and to catch insights from collected data.   

Communication scores and indexes 

The purpose of the Communication Scores and indexes’ research projects is to develop multidimensional indexes for assessing the performance of different communication initiatives (i.e. events, exhibitions, conferences, media coverage, social media exposure). Research projects draw on the competences of statistic experts as well as of qualitative researchers to define and operationalize components of the overall scores.      

Digital communication plans and content management

The purpose of this research area is to support companies to develop appropriate social media relations strategies and tactics, by implementing rigorous and adequate measurement plans. Research team collect insights from the environmental analysis and translate them into actionable steps to pursue communication and organizational goals. 

Reputation management 

The purpose of this research area is to develop knowledge that is relevant for understanding the functioning mechanisms of reputation management both in the offline and online environment. These research projects seek to build a learning community amongst scholars and professionals to enact communication practices and strategies that foster reputation within organizations. 

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